Monday, December 31, 2007

Just a quick post

Today Nate gets his new bed! I can't believe it's time for my little baby to move into a big boy bed. We found a toddler bed at a garage sale this summer. If we hadn't found the bed, we would have just set up Jason's old twin bed with new mattresses and skipped the toddler bed. Didn't deem is necessary to spend money on toddler bed. We found one for $7 at a garage sale so we got it.
I will have to add pic's later. Nate seems to like it so far. He got into bed and promptly asked me to cover him up! He has a new buddy to share the bed with him. I bought Nate a Waldorf Style boy doll for Christmas. Nate named him Henry today! Perfect name. When Nate opened the doll at Christmas he didn't want to have anything to do with it, but today he is warming up to the doll.

Spending this evening with friends. Started this tradition maybe 5 years ago. We alternate houses each year. They have a 1 1/2 year old boy. Us parents are waiting till they are both old enough to really start playing together. I am guessing next year when Logan is a bit older.

Time to continue cleaning. Jason and I are in a cleaning frenzy. I needed to vacuum really badly. The area rug in the front room was really bad. Looks much better. I am just biding my time till the Christmas Tree comes down and goes to the curb. I really enjoy Christmas but when New Years comes around, I am ready to be done with the decorations. Need to get back to my routine and regular house. Makes it easier to clean. I will probably go thru old decorations and get rid of what we don't use. Example: string of lights that have been sitting in the basement for 3 years, garland that didn't make it up this year, old 3 ft artificial tree, etc. My goal for this year is to declutter as much as possible.

So much for a quick post!


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