Sunday, December 2, 2007


Jason showed me how to copy pictures from Flickr to add to my site. I think I remember him showing me how soon after he uploaded all the pictures there, but I am such a computer dork I forgot!
This is a picture of Nate sleeping in the backroom. He has never slept anywhere except his bed before. It surprised me that he fell asleep here.
OChristmasTree2007 018

This picture is of course of our pretty Christmas tree. To the left you can see a little bit of the green garland and red bells that surround the door to the kitchen.
OChristmasTree2007 013

This next picture is of Nate and Jackson standing infront of the tree. Jackson had a good old time running thru the trees sniffing everything. He was in doggy heaven!!
XmasTree2007 038

I forgot to add that Nate painted last week. Haven't brought out the paints since summer. Nate forgot where the paint goes and immediately put the paint brush with paint in his mouth! He didn't think it tasted too good! You can see that he also got paint on his shirt. He has no idea what he is doing sometimes. Thats a toddler for you!
NatePainting112707 007

You can see how happy he is getting to paint.
NatePainting112707 005

Well, I don't have anymore photos to share. Enjoy!

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