Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies Update

I went in for a measurement scan today. I couldn't wait to see the boys again. I hadn't seen them since August. Both had grown so much! Baby A is on my right and is head down with his feet in my ribs. He is 2lbs 9oz. Baby B is on my left with his head in my ribs. He is 2lbs 15oz. My ob is very happy with the weight. So am I! I was getting worried because I couldn't feel Baby B very much and didn't know what position he was in. Also, his placenta is between him and my uterus. That is why I can't feel him very much. It is like a cushion. Baby A's placenta is between the baby and my back. I hope this makes sense! Both heart rates are good. My blood pressure is good and I passed my glucose test!! If I can, I will try and scan the pics from the ultrasound. The tech did 2 pics with 3D. One has his arm in front of his face and the other one you can see the eyes, nose and mouth! Not too much longer and I get to see both of these cuties!

Have a wonderful night!

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Judith said...

You are doing so good!! When Hannah and Sarah were born at 31 weeks Hannah was 3lb 3oz and Sarah was 2lb 15oz so your little guys are doing so good. Yeah!!!