Friday, October 17, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I went through Nate's dresser drawers and closet and cleaned out the summer things and put them in the nursery until I can find a tub to put them in. I also went through all the new fall and winter clothes, washed and put them away. I did go out last night and got him another pj set for the winter and also sleep socks and regular socks. The sleep socks are from Old Navy and they are thick and don't come off easy. I got everything put away and I think he is set for the winter! He also got a pair of church shoes today. Found them at Kohls for $16 instead of $30! I love saving money! Thanks to people giving him things for birthday and last Christmas, and what I found on clearance at the end of winter, he is set!

I am off in about 45 mins to head to a friends house to stamp tonight. She is having a stamping party and I can't wait! I haven't sat down to stamp in a few months and I am hoping Cathy can get me into stamping again. We are stamping cards tonight. It will be a good time! I get the luxury of being in the car for an hour by myself too! I treasure those times. I even went out and bought a Chonda Pierce cd last night. She is a Christian comedian and she is very funny! I also found with the help of a sales associate at Life Way bookstore, a cd of hymns. I have been on the look out for a cd like this. I am particular about what I was looking for. I wanted to hear hymns just you would sing out of a hymnal at church. I don't like when they mess with songs to make them unique. The sales guy let me open the cd and listen to it before I bought it. How nice! He said they can shrink wrap it again after if I didn't like the cd. That was very helpful.

Ok, off to get ready to head out. Have a wonderful weekend!

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