Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby to do list

I had a great baby appt today! Both heart beats are great! I am a little over 30 weeks along. My blood pressure was great too! 120 over 83. I am so pleased with that. Dr McDonald and I were talking that these two babes could come in 6 weeks or so! Ok, so not ready to hear that. I am not ready. We have two car seats so thats good. We have one crib and mattress so they have somewhere to sleep. I would prefer them to be in a pack n play in our room at least for the first few weeks. I do have a couple of newborn sleepers. I do need some diapers. I guess if they come in 6 weeks, I am sorta ready but not mentally! The more I feel them kicking and moving, I can't wait to meet them! I can't wait to see their faces and kiss them and love on them.
Tonight, I started making a list of things we still need to get and a list of things to get done by Thanksgiving. Here is the list:
To buy:
crib bumper and skirt- find fabric for my mom to make if possible, doesn't need to be done till March or so.
mattress cover
2 sheets
pack n play- would like to find used with a bassinet
few more sleepers
new born socks
diapers, KLOs and covers- need to ask a friend for a good deal on these
couple packs of either newborn or preemie huggies
2 towels
snap n go frame- bought a double frame on Craigslist, but it won't work with our car seats. If I bought a brand new one, it would. Will have to put in on craigslist and get my money back.
new born pacies
boppy cover- my boppy is ok, but would like to find a cute, soft cover for it. I am thinking blue minky!
2 packs new born onesies
extra sheet for pack n play
baskets, 4- for diaper storage
breast pump. Found out the insurance company doesn't cover the cost on this. I was hopeful!
Buy blackout curtains
radio with a cd feature for baby cd lullabyes.- another craigslist purchase

Here is the to do list:
Clean out nursery
touch up paint
put together crib
wash clothes
get dresser fixed
bring up changing pads and wash covers, all 4
wash breast pads
fix bumper ties
vacuum and scrub floor
wash windows

I am sure there are other things we need. I need to do a walk thru Babies R Us and make sure we have everything. It's been 3 years since we had a newborn so I need help remembering.

I guess this is it. I am going to take some time tonight and go thru the clothes I put away from when Nate was a newborn and wash them. I am going to wash the other clothes and the blankets I bought too.


KC Silverman said...

Wish I could be there to help with your list. Sounds like you need a trip to Once upon a child, too. Check around for the MOTC sale too. (MOTC-mothers of twin children). there's always a sale in the fall and one in the spring. Usually at Pattonville high. Just like a giant yard sale with one difference...there's 2 of everything. You'll need to join their mailing list or something.
Miss you, wish I could share this journey with you closer.

tstanley said...

I found a great window cover that works better than blackout curtains. It's called BlackoutEZ window cover and they totally darken the room to help the liitle ones fall asleep faster and sleep longer. They are also good for new moms who need to darken the room to catch that power nap during the day. Check them out at