Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some more pictures

I am finally getting brave to show some belly pictures. This picture was taken about 8 weeks ago. I have gotten a bit bigger since then. I don't really like the bare belly look. Those shorts I am wearing, I put on yesterday and they aren't fitting anymore. I am getting too big for them! I am going to see if Jason will take a couple of pics tomorrow night. I am 27weeks today!

August Pics 019 (Medium)

Here is another pic of my bare baby belly and Nate trying to kiss the babies! He is so sweet!

August Pics 017 (Medium)

Nate will come up and try and hug the babies once in a while. I love him so much! He found out what cow pies were this weekend! He kept talking about them. It was so funny hearing him say "Cow pies". Funny guy. He had Jason and me cracking up laughing!

Have a good night!

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