Monday, October 6, 2008

A quick post

I haven't posted in a long while. Too many things going on here to have the time to post. Thought I would give a quick update and hopefully tonight add some pictures if I can get them off the camera and onto the computer.

Babies are doing fine. My last appt was the 11th of Sept. Heartbeats were strong. Both my ob and I are happy with the way the pregnancy is going. No problems. I have another appt I believe on the 17th. I guess I better call to find out. I misplaced my appt. notice. I will have a measurement scan to make sure that both babies are growing on schedule. Can't wait to see them in the ultrasound! I have a feeling they have changed positions since my big ultrasound in August. I would like to know where they are laying so that I can keep an eye on their movements. Sometime towards the end of a pregnancy, the doctor wants a mama to monitor movements so they can catch something quickly if something is wrong. I have one baby that moves all the time and the other only a few times a day. Last night they kept me up and I just couldn't fall asleep. I hope they don't try that again tonight. This mama needs her beauty sleep!!

Nate had a good 3rd birthday. He had 2 parties. One on the farm and then one here. I think so far his favorite toy would be the 3 wheeled scooter that daddy and I bought for him. I don't know if we have any pictures of him riding it. I will have to go looking. He is in a new room now. We moved the office to the back room and made a big boy room for him. He has a new big boy bed that he loves! I think he really likes it cause daddy can lay with him at night and read his bed time stories.

This past week, my parents came down for the day to help me get some things done around here before these babies come. My bathroom needed a make over and it got one! It went from heather purple to taupe and beige. I think the names of the colors are Wild Honey and Toasted Marshmellow. I bought a new shower curtain that is black and beige. My mom and I worked in there all day and my dad did a make over on my kitchen chairs! They were so ugly and dirty, yuck! We took the cushions off and then dad sanded the chairs and spray painted them a really pretty green. I had some material leftover from when my mom made my curtains so we recovered the cushions with that. Oh my, what a big difference! I love my table now! It was a cheapy table from the bargain box in the paper. This was before we knew about craigslist. I do need to sand down the base of the table and then spray paint that and we should be done. At Nate's party here, my dad, brother and Jason put in closet organizers in Nate's new room and the nursery. That will help so much when I need to organize. It makes the closet so much more user friendly.
This past weekend, Jason took Nate and went to his folks farm for the weekend. It was my last weekend alone before these twins come. I needed it! I really didn't get anything done, but I did spend some time with a friend Friday night and Saturday night. Michelle and I went thru our cookbooks looking up recipes that can be frozen. We are wanting to put some meals in our freezers for quick and easy suppers. She has 4 boys and we will soon have 3 boys. We need easy in our homes! Nate and Jason had a good time on the farm.

Ok, off to finish supper. I will try to add pics tonight after Nate is in bed and I have loaded the pics from the camera to the computer.

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