Saturday, October 18, 2008

Belly pictures!

I didn't get to post pictures of my pregnant belly when I was pregnant with Nate. I think I have maybe 2 pictures all together. Never crossed my mind. Have know clue why?! This time around, I have more pictures. Here is a picture that Jason took today. I am 28 1/2 weeks along.


I have one where my belly is bare, but I won't post that here. You get the idea from the picture I have posted.

Tonight, we went to the local YMCA and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! We watched it outside on a huge screen. It was a perfect night. Chilly enough to wear hats and mittens for Nate and wrap blankets around us. They had popcorn and hot chocolate there too. I brought cinnamon graham crackers and Jason bought the popcorn and hot chocolate. Nate pigged out on both things. He had so much fun tonight! He has seen this movie/show at least 15 times so far. He loves it!

I wanted to post some pics of the boys. Jason scanned in the latest pictures from the ultrasound from Thursday. I hadn't seen them since August and I was excited! The pics here are 3d. The top one is of the head with an arm across the face. Bashful! The second one you can see the face, eyes, nose and mouth. Very cool.


Enjoy the pictures!

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